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DO NOT RE REGISTER IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT. If you have misplaced your login information please use the password retrieval option or call us at 310-385-6920! Do Not register again with a new or different name, we will change your existing account's name for you.

Registering on Actors Access is not only free, it's easy! We'll walk you through a couple steps to create your account. Just follow our direction.

To get started we need to know your name. If you're represented it's likely that you're already in our system. If you are, it is important that we match your name exactly. This will allow you to manage your representation and control your photos and profile. Don't worry if you're not represented. We can create an account for you too.

First & Last name are required. DO NOT ENTER A MIDDLE NAME OR INITIAL if it is not part of your professional name. The name you enter here is the name that shows on your resume' and links with your agent (if repped)

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